Art of Nurture

I attended the Lloyds TSB ‘Art of Nurture’ North West Regional finals in Manchester Art Gallery and am very delighted to announce that my SpaceKid […]

Latest Work

My latest model is nearly completed. It has turned out to be the most troublesome piece I have ever created, constantly breaking on me, my OCD […]


Had some work of completing 3 masks for the use in a photo shoot. managed to crack them all out in the space of 3 […]

Some Sketchbook Work

I have been asked what some of my sketch work looked like; so I wanted to share these with those who follow me.

Halloween 2010

Here is a Mask I made for Halloween. I have a love for Halloween and how creative people get for it (me being one of […]


Since I like many others seem to be short of time, I thought i would make time….literally. So here’s ‘Time’; a 3Dimentional working clock made […]

In awe of James Dean

James Dean is my 1st in a series of male poster icons, which is hopefully going to lead to 2 others and be sold as […]

Holiday :)

I recently holidayed in Ibiza, it was a beautiful island and in true tourist style here is a picture of James Dean basking in the […]

Job Vacancies!

Entry for competition requesting works that portray a current issue that the artist wants to promote. For many creative students leaving university it is […]