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In Rounding off 2013 I chose to look at the most important news event of the year –Ā The word “selfie” was announced as the “word […]

In awe of James Dean

James Dean is my 1st in a series of male poster icons, which is hopefully going to lead to 2 others and be sold as […]

Job Vacancies!

Entry for competition requesting works that portray a current issue that the artist wants to promote. For many creative students leaving university it is […]

A bit of Beth Ditto

I was asked to attend the opening night of ‘Popped’ at the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester. The idea behind the show was to create an archive […]

The Brave Sir Douglas

My time at University is sadly coming to an end. And my next journey begins! This is my final honors project; a book called The […]

Dear Zine

Here are some of the pages from my zine. A diary of a days activities, illustrated with my past models quickly put in a scene. […]


Competition brief for Amelias Magazine. They were looking for a double page spread to illustrate a positive view of the future. Charlotte sits nurturing her […]


A brief to illustrate for a short story called ‘Hiromi’. The story is based around a foreign exchange student who is very introverted and is […]

Design against fur

The 2008 Respect for Animals competition brief – A poster to campaign that the wearing of fur is cruel. My first design attempt didn’t do […]

Peter Pan

Hello Bloggers Here is my first post on my new blog for all my illustrations, puppet making and creative…bits and bobs. To start off my […]