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Here is part 4 of my ‘Reflections’ series, and possibly my favorite. This is Amie. Amie is based on keeping the memory of a loved […]


Part 3 of the ‘Reflection’ theme is Mario. Mario is based on quite a few of the friends I have made since moving to London […]


Part 2 of 4 from my ‘Reflections’ theme is Jason. Photographs are a great thing, they are taken to capture fond memories you want to […]


Introducing Wayne. 1 part in a 4 piece (so far) collection based on the theme of ‘Reflection’ looking at life events and how each character […]

Reflection, A sneak preview

My latest creation is a collection around the theme of ‘Reflection’ (as in the sit and think sense…not the reflective surface sense). The initial movement […]

“The Brave Knight” Preview

Here are some sneak peeks of the characters for my up-and-coming childrens book “The brave Knight” (trying to think of a catchier title, but for […]