Art of Nurture Regional Finals

I am delighted to have been picked as one of the 4 regional finalists for the Art of Nurture Competition. I entered the below image based around the theme of “We Stretch Ourselves”, linking to the idea of childhood dreams. The Judging takes place on March 8th at an event at Manchester Art […]

David Beckham is made!

It took 10 layers of paint, 6 hair styles, 4 broken limbs and 2 pairs of tiny Armani boxers….but he is finally made to a standard I am proud of. The image has been modeled on David Beckham’s iconic Armani shoot. Final Image: Close-up:

Latest Work

My latest model is nearly completed. It has turned out to be the most troublesome piece I have ever created, constantly breaking on me, my OCD making me change and redo lots of parts over and over. I hope all the hard work that has gone into it pays off in […]


Had some work of completing 3 masks for the use in a photo shoot. managed to crack them all out in the space of 3 evenings. Mask 1: For the use of an angel like character: Mask 2: An eccentric character: Mask 3: A grand emperor character:

Halloween 2010

Here is a Mask I made for Halloween. I have a love for Halloween and how creative people get for it (me being one of those; it’s like making a life size version of one of my puppets). Below is a picture of me wearing the mask with a lot […]


Since I like many others seem to be short of time, I thought i would make time….literally. So here’s ‘Time’; a 3Dimentional working clock made from plaster cast, clay and acrylic paints. Hanging from the clock are ‘To Do’ tasks and reminders. Hope you enjoy.

In awe of James Dean

James Dean is my 1st in a series of male poster icons, which is hopefully going to lead to 2 others and be sold as large scale posters….naturally. so here is my 1st…

Holiday :)

I recently holidayed in Ibiza, it was a beautiful island and in true tourist style here is a picture of James Dean basking in the sun.