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In Rounding off 2013 I chose to look at the most important news event of the year –¬†The word “selfie” was announced as the “word of the year” by the Oxford English Dictionary. Selfie –¬†“a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam […]

Art of Nurture Regional Finals

I am delighted to have been picked as one of the 4 regional finalists for the¬†Art of Nurture¬†Competition. I entered the below image¬†based around the theme of “We Stretch Ourselves”, linking to the idea of childhood dreams. The Judging takes place on March 8th at an event at Manchester Art […]

David Beckham is made!

It took 10 layers of paint, 6 hair styles, 4 broken limbs and 2 pairs of tiny Armani boxers….but he is finally made to a standard I am proud of. The image has been modeled on David Beckham’s iconic Armani shoot. Final Image: Close-up:

In awe of James Dean

James Dean is my 1st in a series of male poster icons, which is hopefully going to lead to 2 others and be sold as large scale posters….naturally. so here is my 1st…

Valentines/Anniversary – An Improvement

I have created two valentines/anniversary cards (male and female). When printed and completed in their greeting card form they will have a heart shaped badges in their chest as a sign of passing your love to another.

Job Vacancies!

Entry for competition requesting works that portray a current issue that the artist wants to promote. For many creative students leaving university it is a struggle to find direction and to make contacts to utilise their newly learnt skills. This being a situation I experienced strongly at this point. […]

A bit of Beth Ditto

I was asked to attend the opening night of ‘Popped’ at the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester. The idea behind the show was to create an archive of popular culture based works, viewed through teenage eyes. For more information check out the website¬† I was requested to demonstrate what I do as […]

The Brave Sir Douglas

My time at University is sadly coming to an end. And my next journey begins! This is my final honors project; a book called The Brave Sir Douglas. It is the story of a Knights quest to rescue the fair maiden, but to do so he must get past the […]