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Here is part 4 of my ‘Reflections’ series, and possibly my favorite. This is Amie. Amie is based on keeping the memory of a loved one through the passing down of objects that remind us of them. Amie holds a locket which was owned by her mother. When she looks […]


Part 3 of the ‘Reflection’ theme is Mario. Mario is based on quite a few of the friends I have made since moving to London over 2 years ago. People move to London from all over the world looking to fulfill their dreams of making their way in life, experiencing […]


Part 2 of 4 from my ‘Reflections’ theme is Jason. Photographs are a great thing, they are taken to capture fond memories you want to keep and¬†reminisce¬†through. Photographs can bring many emotions through memories of lost loved ones, old romances, better times, or harder times. In this moment I chose […]


Introducing Wayne. 1 part in a 4 piece (so far) collection based on the theme of ‘Reflection’ looking at life events and how each character reflects on these moments. Wayne likes to express himself through his body art of memories and emotions. Some tattoos on him include: The James Dean […]

Reflection, A sneak preview

My latest creation is a collection around the theme of ‘Reflection’ (as in the sit and think sense…not the reflective surface sense). The initial movement of this project has been producing a set of 4 characters with their own tale and state of reflection. All 4 models are now complete […]

David Beckham is made!

It took 10 layers of paint, 6 hair styles, 4 broken limbs and 2 pairs of tiny Armani boxers….but he is finally made to a standard I am proud of. The image has been modeled on David Beckham’s iconic Armani shoot. Final Image: Close-up:

“The Brave Knight” Preview

Here are some sneak peeks of the characters for my up-and-coming childrens book “The brave Knight” (trying to think of a catchier title, but for now this one fits it well for now). I would introduce them, but that would ruin the story…